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    Science Lighting The Future

    Founded in 2003, Guangzhou Shine Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. dedicates to develop and produce high value polymer products. Shine polymer is an ISO9001 certificated and high-tech enterprise. Our product applies in plastics , rubber and electronic chemicals etc.

    Shine polymer's manufacturing sites locate in Nansha Plainvim Industrial Park of Guangzhou city and Nanshui Town of Zhuhai. We established two sales & marketing offices in Guangzhou and shanghai. In most of regions worldwide , our sole agents and distributors can provide excellent service to the customers .


    -- Shine Polymer strives for becoming your trustable partner with technology and service,

    -- Sharing the happiness of technology development in the polymer science field.


    Since the establishment, the company has been specialized in developing the enterprise image which meets the development trend of plastic industry and promoting the development of plastic industry towards the eco-friendly and green direction. Currently, the company has formed the sustainable operation mode, constructed the core technical advantages through investment in R&D and protection of intellectual property, cultivated a professional marketing team which has profound knowledge in the plastic technology with skills in seeking for the market information through training, and has developed the targeted products for customers through timely discovering the demands of lower stream clients, which has improved the client faithfulness.


    -- With high produce performances, powerful R&D capacity and considerate customer service,

    -- Shine Polymer has gradually established high reputation and brand awareness in the industry.


    "Shine Polymer" has not only become the symbol of high end products in the domestic plastic additive market but also earned wide recognition in the oversea market and the export business of the company is increasing steadily. The extension of the brand awareness promotes the extension of the products and services of the company, guides the R&D direction, and has become the significant power for the sustainable development of the company.


    Shine Polymer Development Planning:

    -- Being market oriented, supporting with R&D

    -- Launching into the key field, striving for being leading in the industry

    -- Setting foot in China and approaching to the world


    -- Become the leading supplier of functional polymer and fine chemicals in the new materials industry

    -- Provide technical solutions for clients in the segment market


    Contact us

    Address:Rm.901, Exchange Center, Tianan Hi-Tech Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou 511400, P.R.C

    Tel:(8620) 39388509 

    Fax:(8620) 39388939


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